My Cancer Story

Before starting this blog, I wrote extensively about my experience with ovarian cancer on another blog, Mind Margins. If you would like to read the story, here are the links, in order:

Cancer: And So the Story Begins

Hello, My Little Friend

Oh, the Pain

Defeated By a Clear Liquid

The Birth of the Alien Monster by Vertical C-Section

Sliced Open

Back Home Again

The Best Bad News We Could Get

Pacing the Tiger’s Cage

Even Rock Stars Trash Their Hotel Rooms

Chemo Nesting and Sailing Into the Fog

Day One of Chemo

New Plasticware and Smurfdom

Too Good Not to Share

My Last Day as a Normal Person

My First Chemo Treatment

This is Harder Than I Thought It Would Be

A Letter to My Friend

Have You Missed Me?

Super Bald

A Begrudging Salute to Chemo

Picking Up Where I Left Off

This is What Happens When Cancer Takes Over Your Blog


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