In June 2013, my life took an unexpected detour when I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. I was less than five months into a new marriage and in the best shape of my life when extreme pain sent me to the ER. That pain probably saved my life, and after four months of chemo, I survived to run another day and tell my tales. Thanks for joining me!


My favorite place to be.


  1. Thanks for your story Toasty. It is all very new for me and I’ve refocused my life to help me manage the bowel cancer. Only six months in, the rest of my life to go. Like you, my initial prognosis was good, but that is just a statistic. Phil



  2. Greetings, Angela! I wish I could make this sword hanging over you go away! But you are right, none of us knows what our expiration date is. You are an inspiration, showing us how to live life with vibrancy right in the face of uncertainty. In dark scary moments, remember that many, many people are thinking of you.



    1. Thanks so much, Melissa. I appreciate your kind, thoughtful words. On another note, I just went through my email and realized I have about 20 old posts of yours that I intend to revisit and comment on! I am really bad about staying on top of all my friends’ blogs. We need to find a way to post all our blogs as audiobooks, then I could knit and listen at the same time!



  3. Thanks so much! I’m doing great. I’m in Portland for the delivery of my daughter’s first child, and am very much looking forward to his arrival. I’m also reading an interesting book, Station Eleven, and am wondering what you would think of it. Let me know if/when you read it.



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